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CEO Praises team for a great 2020

Veritas Allies – Note from CEO

Portland, OR – Veritas Allies Note from CEO, David Vizzini

“Often our most significant growth comes in the face of challenge, and while 2020 brought many trials it also encouraged some long overdue evolution. Blessed with an incredibly dedicated and experienced team, we expanded the Veritas Allies family of companies to support a fully integrated cost containment approach. Of those companies, EquitasDX posted record results for 2020, and is now better positioned to leverage the other Veritas Allies family of companies to bring the most comprehensive cost containment solutions to the industry,” states David Vizzini.

The Vertias Allies family of companies include:

EquitasDX focused on self-insured cost containment advocacy, claim audit/repricing and Provider negotiations, while EquitasHP ensures claim reimbursement integrity by way of Provider advocacy and contracting efforts. ServusCare further compliments the Veritas Allies model by way of integrated medical management services such as: Virtual Nurse Triage, Utilization Review, Case Management, and Disease Management. MedicusSTAT is a telemedicine company employing proprietary virtual technology found throughout the family of companies that requires no application or download, which promises ease of use and engagement. Collectively, the Veritas Allies companies provide a fully integrated approach that promises retained savings, positive member experience, and retention by curing the fragmentation inherent throughout the industry.

From all of us at the Veritas Allies family, we wish you and yours a bright and prosperous 2021!

Veritas Allies, LLC (”Veritas”) is comprised of various cost containment companies delivering innovative programs and technology to the healthcare industry. Veritas delivers collaborative solutions to Payors and Providers utilizing “In-House” proprietary data, clnical and legal resources across its companies – EquitasDX, EquitasHP, ServusCare and MedicusSTAT. Veritas partners with employers, brokers, consultants, third-party administrators, stop-loss, reinsurance carriers, and Providers to maximize clinical and financial outcomes.

For information, contact Sherry Freeman, VP Client Relations, at, 503-610-0080 Ext. 2, and visit us on the at

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